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Faith & Mental Health



about the book

You are invited to experience a creative healing journey through this guided art journal.

Our hearts are beautiful things that enable us to experience and express powerful emotions like love, hope, and joy, along with emotions like sadness, hurt, and anger.

When we encounter heart wounds from life’s trials and trauma, we may be tempted to fight back the uncomfortable emotions, deny them, or keep them from coming out. However, our hearts are not designed to hold these emotions in. At some point, we need a safe outlet to express our innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires.

It has been proven that one of the best ways to express what is in our hearts is through art. In creating we can practice letting go and find the freedom to just feel and pour out that emotion onto a blank canvas. In doing so, we open our hearts to healing.
Heart to Art Book

Some prompts have minimal instructions, leaving more room for your creative expressions. While other prompts have more detailed instructions, including suggested materials or templates to help you get started. Throughout the book, there are inspirational quotes and scripture verses you can color in to help encourage and motivate you on this creative journey.

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Welcome friend.

I'm Reaiah (pronounced Ree_uh) or you can call me Ree. I initially started ReeCreation Ministries to share my own story and personal experience with mental illness. In learning to embrace my identity in Christ I was able to find breakthrough. This has then enabled me to walk alongside other women to assist them on their own journey of faith and mental health. Providing tools and support that promote mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, and ultimately help them live a life with purpose.
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faith and mental health
faith and mental health
faith and mental health