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I'm Reaiah

About: faith and mental health

ReeCreation Ministries


Is to assist women on their journey of faith and mental health. By providing tools to promote mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness - and ultimately empowering them to live life with purpose.

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Faith and Mental Health

Struggling with mental illness – alone for years – was slowly breaking me down from the inside out. Nearly two decades of hiding and struggling in silence had made my depression and anxiety define and dictate who I was.

In addition, growing up in the church the conversations I heard about mental illness always seemed to carry with it a stigma and shame. As if those who struggle with depression or anxiety must not be spiritual enough to be going through something like that. As a Pastor’s Kid this just made me hide behind masks of image and perfection and people pleasing, in an attempt to make others think that I was “good enough.” Yet none of those brought relief from the pain inside.

However, in my lowest moment, where I least expected it – Love found me. I realize that though some people had cast a stigma and shame on mental illness – God did not. God offered me love, hope, healing, restoration, and purpose. He broke down every lie this illness tried to make me believe about myself.

When depression told me I am too broken – Love told me I am restored.
When depression told me to hide in the dark – Love showed me the light.
When depression told me I was alone – Love found me and stayed with me.

I found my breakthrough when I found Love in God. A love that sits with you in the hurt and pain and all the uncomfortable emotions – and celebrates with you on the joys, breakthroughs, and hope.

If you have or currently experience any of this, know wherever you are – there is hope and healing for you too!

As I learned to trust in God and in His word I was able to embrace my true identity in Him. My illness no longer defines me. I see myself as He created me to be, with a greater sense of purpose. Now through this experience I am passionate about going on this faith and mental health journey with other women like you.

Through the use of bible studies, reflections, creative exercise, and trauma healing groups, ReeCreation Ministries aims to provide you tools and support that promote mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness – and ultimately empower you to live a life with purpose.


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