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I Know The Morning Will Come

I Know The Morning Will Come - Spoken Word
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I know the morning will come, though I cannot see it yet.
Though darkness surrounds me, though my eyes are wet
With tears I’ve cried for far too long.
Though my voice is quiet, without words or song
Of praise or celebration
In this time of incarceration

Not with metal bars or chains
But with scars and pain
Caused by the overpowering presence of darkness
An overwhelming sense of hopelessness
And feelings of despair

No air

Suffocating in this gloom I find myself in
As if trapped in a room with no light shining in

No air to breathe
No way to leave.

Though my eyes fail to see any hope of escape
Or any sign of the day
Breaking through this dark night
I must hope by faith and not by sight
That I will not stay in this prison forever
In my heart I must believe
That in time darkness will leave
And it will soon be over.

I must believe in spite of all my questions and doubts
I must believe there is a way out
I – must – believe – that bigger than all my worries and fears
Is a God who knows and hears
My cries and my please
A God who cares and shares my sadness and pain
And will bring me back out to light again.

I must believe – NO
I WILL BELIEVE that beyond
These dark walls is the breaking of the dawn
And with it the coming of The Morning Sun.