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Rescuer: Spoken Word

Rescuer: Spoken Word
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(Response to Rescue by Lauren Daigle)

This is a spoken word poem I wrote in response to hearing Lauren Daigle’s song Rescue, during one of my darkest times. To read my article on what the song meant to me, you can read it here. To listen to the song you can go here

Rescuer: Spoken Word

God I have wandered lost in the darkness

White flag raised, surrendered to the madness 

and chaos of my mind

Unable to find my way back this time

Hopelessness consumes me

Fear has confined me

Shame has condemned me

Unable to see beyond the shadows before me

The enemy approaches and attacks

Gloves off no holding back

In my weakness unable to defend

Alone, forgotten, and frightened

Rescuer: Spoken Word

But with barely a whisper

God you heard my prayer

In my desperation you came

Without question or blame

You opened my eyes to see 

Your vast army around me

Horses and chariots of fire surrounds me

Ready to charge at my enemy

And I’m no longer scared, for it’s then I’m aware

there’s more on my side than against.

for within a moment you came to my defense

And you fight for me again and again

You are my shelter and armor

my defender, my warrior

You have been then, now, and forever

Always my Rescuer