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Significant Spoken Word
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Significant: Spoken Word Poem

There once was a little girl, growing, learning and experiencing the joys of life on this earth. Surrounded by many who give her worth. Has known love since birth.

But from what seemed to be a perfect world shattered before this once little girl when all she knew was taken, her wonderland shaken and broken.

Unlike the world she once knew she’s different from the world she now belonged to. Surrounded by a crowd yet still so alone, unwanted and left on her own.

Her significance seemed to have been taken from her, unworthy she felt compared to others. Forgotten what it means to be someone of worth, it no longer mattered, just please stop the hurt.

Significant: Spoken Word

For how is it possible to feel so much pain without a visible wound? Then a lie crept to her brain, and made the claim she’ll find her comfort soon.

By creating outward physical incisions in order to mask her internal afflictions. And so she bought into the deception that it was her best and only solution.

For it gave her something else to feel, and at least those wounds will heal, though they may leave a scar, it’s better than the hole in her heart.

Yet driven by an image she tries to maintain, she secretly silently fights through the pain. Can’t let others know of her sorrow. Can’t let others see that in her sleep she cries till her eyes run dry.

Tired from living a lie, pretending that life is just grand, pretending she still had her wonderland. When all the while behind her brave smile is a weary and scared little child.

So unworthy and insignificant she felt, till finally on her knees she knelt, and lifted up a desperate prayer “Oh God if you’re there, dear God if you care, please please answer”

Then God’s love swept over her, and in a sweet whisper he said to her “dear child you are my precious daughter. And because of that you are significant, and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different!”