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Trials to Triumph: Danielle North

Trials to Triumph: Danielle North
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Interview with Entrepreneur and Implementation Coach: Danielle North

Today I would love to introduce a dear friend of mine; a brilliant entrepreneur, an amazing leader, go getter, and beautiful woman of God  – Danielle North. We met going to school at Central Michigan University, and even then she was already living life with purpose, and going after the passions God has placed on her heart. 

Danielle currently resides in Detroit, Michigan and is Vice President of Promise Schools, a School Consultant for GVSU Charter Schools Office, Owner of Kidz Kingdom Child Care & Party Center, Founder of Detroit Women’s Leadership Network, and an implementation coach as well. She is also a wife and mom to 3 amazing boys. Let’s just say Danielle is doing it all. 

I’m grateful to have had an opportunity to interview her and let her share a little bit of her story, of Trials to Triumph as she pursued her dreams in business. 

RCM: Can you describe these different roles or ventures you’re involved in? How did you get involved with them, or what led you to do this?

DN: I’m a serial entrepreneur and that’s really how I came to wear so many hats.

I wanted to create work that was meaningful, aligned to my passions and still provided for my family.

I created my own K-12 consulting firm back in 2015. As a result, I now have two roles in education that utilize some of my greatest strengths, skills and abilities. This is my day-to-day work and how I earn a living.

Trials to Triumph: Danielle North (Kidz Kingdom)
Kidz Kingdom Child Care & Party Center
Founded by Danielle North

I created Kidz Kingdom in 2016 as a response to a need in my community coupled with my desire to have a brick and mortar location as a part of my entrepreneurial journey.

When I have an idea in my head, I pursue it. When I’m passionate about something, I will usually find a way to get involved with that issue more deeply.

That is how I founded Detroit Women’s Leadership Network. I believe women should receive fair treatment at home, in the workplace and society. In order for that to happen, we must bring awareness and support to women leaders. Here we are.

RCM: That is so good, and yes I agree with you, women should receive fair treatment at home, in the workplace and society – and awareness and support is crucial. I think that is why my big focus with ReeCreation Ministries is to Empower Women to Dream. Create. Inspire. That is why I am so thrilled to share your story. I just know it can be inspiring to our readers.

RCM: So how do you balance your many roles and passions?

DN: I treat each area as a project. Essentially, I am a project manager of my life. Although, it may seem complicated it really makes sense to me. It’s like I have different departments and I’m the General Manager. I have oversight of each area. I can go from one department to the next and do the work that is needed for each. This is a chapter in my book: “My Only Gift is Doing” this is the best way I can describe how I do it all.

RCM: That’s a great way of looking at it. Your book “My Only Gift is Doing” is such a perfect way to describe you. I love it. From the time I’ve known you at Central Michigan University, you were definitely one to get things done. Can you tell us a little more about your book? Is it available now to the public if so, where can we get it?

DN: No, the book isn’t finished just yet. It’s a work in progress! Stay tuned. 

RCM: Yes we are looking forward to seeing that when it is released.

RCM: Can you share some of the challenges or what obstacles did you face to get to where you are today? 

DN: I’ve faced many and truthfully the challenges are what make me stronger and go harder. When someone tries to tear me down or if I go through a bad situation, it only motivates me to be better. I’m kind of a take a licking and keep on ticking kind of person. I will just build a ladder to get over a wall if it gets built in front of me.

I’ve experienced everything from being misled and treated poorly in a role I thought could be my dream job, to people who I thought were my friends turn their backs on me. Heck, I’ve even ran completely out of money on this journey… Within 2 months of my lowest point, I received my greatest windfall of cash via the payout of a major real estate transaction. I had to move and make that decision because I hit my lowest point. I respond well under pressure!

RCM: Wow. While you were in the middle of some of these trials – was there ever a moment you questioned if you would get through them, or if this venture or this dream was right for you? You say you respond well under pressure – not everyone does. I know there’s been times in my life where the pressure got the best of me. So for you how did you come to that place where you thrive instead of buckle under pressure? Where do you get your courage, tenacity, and strength to keep going?

DN: My faith keeps me going. God has proven to be with me through every challenge.

Sure, I feel like quitting at times. Yes, I have had doubts and even question my purpose or reasoning behind my drive. Perhaps, it would be easier to go to one job and come home instead of being so involved in making every idea and dream possible, but I keep pushing

RCM: When did you start to notice your trials turning into triumphs?

DN: When I just simply kept going after a professional situation that could have really killed my spirit and faith in my abilities. I actually wrote the business plan for Kidz Kingdom after that let down.

I didn’t even stop for one moment – just kept pushing – determined to prove to myself that I had value and worth. 

RCM: What advice do you have for our readers around pursuing their passions, or living out their purposes?

Trials to Triumph: Danielle North (Dream Believe Speak Leap)
Danielle North: Dream. Believe. Speak. Leap.

DN: My Only Gift is Doing is my mantra and I believe others can apply the same. We all have a special gift, talent, idea, passion or dream.

The key to success is actually doing something about it. You will never know until you try.

Part of my implementation coaching platform is this: DREAM. BELIEVE. SPEAK. LEAP. LEAP stands for: Lean In. Eliminate Excuses. Act. Plan. This is my advice! Stop Dreaming and Start DOING!

RCM: That is so good. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, and provide our readers with a little insight and encouragement in pursuing your dream and living out your purpose in spite of obstacles or trials.

To get in touch with Danielle or find out more about her businesses and coaching you can reach her via email: or find her on LinkedIn:

You can also visit the websites for Kidz Kingdom: and for Detroit Women’s Leadership Network (DWLN):