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Spoken Word

If You Don't See Color: Spoken Word

If You Don’t See Color

If You Don’t See Color: Spoken Word Poem You claim to be my friendYet in a moment of discussion about racial discriminationYou adamantly state you don’t see colorAs if that’s supposed to make everything okay… Read More »If You Don’t See Color

Significant Spoken Word


Significant: Spoken Word Poem There once was a little girl, growing, learning and experiencing the joys of life on this earth. Surrounded by many who give her worth. Has known love since birth. But from… Read More »Significant

Rescuer: Spoken Word

Rescuer: Spoken Word

(Response to Rescue by Lauren Daigle) This is a spoken word poem I wrote in response to hearing Lauren Daigle’s song Rescue, during one of my darkest times. To read my article on what the… Read More »Rescuer: Spoken Word

Broken/ Restored: Spoken Word

Broken / Restored

Broken / Restored: A Spoken Word Poem From the very beginning it had been God’s intentionFrom the time of creation to have a perfect relationship with manBut then man chose to go with his own… Read More »Broken / Restored

Strong - Spoken Word


I’m not as strong as you think I am. I’m not as strong as I try to make myself seem.  I’m not as strong as I’d like to be or would even dare to dream Of myself… Read More »Strong